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    Gifu Prefectural Government
    Department of Commerce, Labor and Industry
    Prefectural Product Distribution Support Division
    2-1-1 Yabuta-Minami
    Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture
    500-8570 Japan


    What MIYAMA values is offering products that customers use to imagine scenes as well as carefully manufacturing products with a touch of humor and surprise. Serving delicious food and lively conversation are essential to enjoying daily life. MIYAMA strives to manufacture products in the hopes that you will enjoy using our tableware in various situations.

    Company name MIYAMA
    Main products Ceramics
    Representative Hideyuki MATSUZAKI
    Address 940‐1 Ori, Inatsu-cho, Mizunami-shi, GIFU 509-6103
    Foundation 1977
    Capital JPY 32 million
    TEL +81-572-67-1522
    FAX +81-572-68-2826
    Business description Design, manufacture, and sale of ceramics
    Domestic sales Interior design stores, variety goods stores, specialty stores, department stores, etc.
    Overseas sales France, USA, Switzerland, Australia, China, etc.
    Other The “KOWAKE” series won the Good Design Award in October 2004.
    The “column” series won the Good Design Award in October 2006.
    The “isola palette plate” and “sasasa” series won the Good Design Award in October 2010.

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