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    Gifu Prefectural Government
    Department of Commerce, Labor and Industry
    Prefectural Product Distribution Support Division
    2-1-1 Yabuta-Minami
    Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture
    500-8570 Japan

    Shirakawa-go Pure Rice Ginjo SasaNigori-zake

    Pure Rice Ginjo (premium brew sake) that is slightly cloudy with a hint of unrefined Ginjo and as enjoyable as refined Ginjo.

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    By adding a small amount of unrefined Ginjo to the sharp taste of pure rice Ginjo, this sake fills the mouth with the taste and aroma of rice, with clear and delicate aftertaste. SasaNigori-zake is a perfect pairing with a variety of dishes. Even though it is included in the range of Shirakawa-go Nigori-zake (unrefined sake), you may feel like you are drinking refined sake. SasaNigori has been well received not only in Japan but also in the USA and in Asian countries.

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    Miwa Shuzo Co., Ltd.





    Product Information

    Volume: 720 mL
    Materials: Domestically-produced rice, rice malt and water
    Alcohol content: 15–16%
    Nihonshudo (Sake Meter Value): ±0
    Percentage of rice milling: 60%
    Taste: Semi-dry, light-flavor
    Expiration date: 270 days


    - Recommended to drink on the rocks or serve chilled.
    - Store away from direct sunlight and hot/humid conditions.

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