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    Gifu Prefectural Government
    Department of Commerce, Labor and Industry
    Prefectural Product Distribution Support Division
    2-1-1 Yabuta-Minami
    Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture
    500-8570 Japan

    Mino Washi Paper Pottery lucky owl round

    Accessory case shaped as a Lucky owl with carefully hand-pasted Mino Washi Japanese paper

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    Pottery shaped as a beckoning owl with hand-pasted Mino Washi Japanese paper. It is an accessory case that can hold small items and be placed on the hallway table, room cabinet, or office desk. The raised right paw beckons happy fortune and happiness, and the left paw invites customers. Available in sizes large and medium. The good luck owl invites fun into your home and office.

    Item number

    61373 フクロウまる(大)
    61374 フクロウまる(中)


    L size JPY 3,500
    M size JPY 2,700


    Ishikawa Paper Goods Ltd.





    Product Information

    61373 owl (L)
    61374 owl(M)
    L size W110×D100×H90mm, 260g, boxed
    M size W70×D65×H60mm, 125g, boxed


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