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    Gifu Prefectural Government
    Department of Commerce, Labor and Industry
    Prefectural Product Distribution Support Division
    2-1-1 Yabuta-Minami
    Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture
    500-8570 Japan

    Forest Soap Series

    Natural body soap for all skin types, including dry, aging, oily, and normal skin

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    The forest soap series are natural soaps made with ulitra-soft water of “Gujo Natural Mineral Water”. We offer “Milky Smile” soap for babies, which is made with locally produced milk, and our Lavender soap is perfect for oily skin. Our moisturizing soap is made with local honey, and our soap for aging skin is made with carrots high in sugar and harvested from under a blanket of snow. All of our soaps can be used for your face and body.

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    atelierKIKU LLP





    Product Information

    Ingredients: natural oil, sodium hydroxide, water, essential oil, and others (each type of soap contains milk from Takasu Farmers, honey produced in Gifu, lavender from Bokka no Sato, and Harumachi carrots, respectively.)
    Volume: 60g
    Package: vacuumed in an aluminum bag
    Expiration date: two years from the production date


    Keep away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity.

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