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    Gifu Prefectural Government
    Department of Commerce, Labor and Industry
    Prefectural Product Distribution Support Division
    2-1-1 Yabuta-Minami
    Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture
    500-8570 Japan


    The establishment of our Japanese pepper business dates back to 1975. Hida Sansho pepper has a uniquely strong fragrance that has been acquired through natural growth in the rich nature of Hida, and has been carefully protected by the local people for many generations.
    It is the unique Hida environment of the high altitude of 800m within the 5km radius that makes this fragrance possible. The same seed would not produce the same fragrance in different areas. It is the accidental combination of soil, water, temperature and mist (moisture) that makes this possible.
    From mid-July to mid-August, the entire production is done carefully by hand, from the harvesting of each individual seed, gathering, drying in the shade, sun drying, and the skin and seed separation. Then they are turned into powder, depending on the order, by stone mill or mallet.

    Company name HIDA-SANSHO
    Main products Food products that contain Hida Sansho (a Japanese pepper) as a main ingredient, such as Sansho powder and Green Japanese Peppercorn
    Representative Kazuhiko NAITO
    Address 35-1 Murakami, Okuhida Onsenkyo, Takayama-shi, GIFU 506-1431
    Foundation 1975
    Capital JPY 5 million
    TEL +81-578-89-2412
    FAX +81-578-89-3328
    Business description Manufacture and sale of food products that contain Hida Sansho pepper
    Domestic sales Department stores and retailing stores in the Kanto and Tokai regions
    Overseas sales France、Taiwan、Hong Kong

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