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    Shikisai Miyako

    Pursuing the original functionality and beauty of knives led to the development of this “Miyako” Damascus knife. This is a very excellent Japanese knife with glorious presence.

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    Shizu Hamono has reproduced Damascus steel for the blade, which was prized for its beauty in ancient Syria. After mirror polishing, a matting process is performed to give it a soft luster. The blade gives a clean cut, carefully crafted by a skillful Seki forge master. You can easily carve a hard pumpkin or cut thin slices of tomato without damaging them. We are proud of the long-lasting sharpness of the blade. The handle is designed in an R-shape to fit in the hand, representing a style that Shizu Hamono has been pursuing. Please feel the comfortable grip and stable fit for yourself.


    Shizu Hamono Co., Ltd.



    Product Information

    Material: handle – reinforced wood
    blade – 33 layer Damascus steel (AUS8 & martensitic steel)Variations include total 11 items:
    Chef’s knife 240mm/210mm/180mm
    Santoku knife 180mm/165mm
    Yanagiba knife
    Deba knife
    Petty knife 130mm/110mm
    Paring knife
    Peeling knife


    Do not wash/dry in a dishwasher/dryer.

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