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    Mori no Kotoba Series

    Furniture collection with knots as part of the design
    Enjoy the warmth of wood

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    Typically only 10% to 25% of an entire log is used in furniture making. In order to appreciate the unique characteristics of each tree and to utilize valuable resources, a collection of furniture, designed by Toshimitsu SASAKI, was born featuring the knots as the main design element.
    “Chair SN210” – Bentwood backrest and seat pieces feature knots as accents. With our advanced technique and experience, backrests are bent without breaking the material around the knots.
    “Sofa 2P SN105W” has a low seat height that blends better with the floor seating culture of Japan. It has won the Good Design Award in 2002.
    The semi-circular shape of “Table SN390WP” lets you choose the proximity between you and others depending on where you sit around this table. Table comes with screw-in legs and they can be easily removed when rearranging your furniture or during the move.


    Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd.



    Product Information

    Mori no Kotoba Series includes dining room/living room furniture, beds, and more.
    The main material is oak (which may include some knots)

    - Chair SN210
    Dimensions: 44W × 52D × 81H (cm)
    Seat Height: 42.5 cm
    Seat cushions are available and sold separately.

    - Sofa 2P SN105W
    Dimensions: 169W × 84D × 67.5H (cm)
    Seat Height: 29 cm
    Armrest Height: 34 cm
    Various sizes available
    Sofa with backrest cushions is also available.

    - Table SN390WP
    Dimensions: 150W × 100D × 70.5H (cm)
    Rectangular and bean-shaped tables are also available.


    - Safe and environmentally-friendly oil finishes
    - Made-to-order furniture collection

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