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    Mino Tokusen Honzukuri Rice Vinegar

    The rich aroma of rice and a mild sour taste

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    “Mino Tokusen Honzukuri Rice Vinegar” is brewed using a traditional Japanese fermentation technique. Through the carefully-operated acetic fermentation, tasty vinegar is extracted from vinegar malt, which is also fermented by Uchibori from rice malt and yeast. Only vinegar produced by this process is called “Honzukuri.” Water, air, and other natural elements are essential for the organisms (malt, yeast, and acetic bacteria) to work actively. Uchibori believes this tasty rice vinegar is a gift from the rich Japanese food culture, traditional fermentation techniques, and our beautiful natural environment.

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    Uchibori Vinegar, Inc.



    Product Information

    Volume: 360mL
    Material: rice
    Expiration date: 2 years from the production date


    - Carefully brewed with only domestically-grown rice and rice malt.
    - This rice vinegar features a rich aroma and mild sourness.
    - Store in a cold dark place away from direct sunlight.

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